Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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So, this came through the post this morning from a good friend so I decided to publish it:


My name is Far Far Away and I join you today from a new tavern in a bid to promote the upcoming release of Tales from Far Far Away. I am especially grateful to the landlord for hosting this guest post - especially when there was a thrilling piece on streams and rivers scheduled.

A few months ago I was involved in a conversation about two gentlemen who claimed they had visited a circular world. They alleged they were able to travel all the way around in a matter of hours by flying of all methods! I heartily laughed along with them before slowly inching my way to the safety of the door.

Regardless, their imagination made me think that there should be plenty of entertainment to be gotten from real life. I wrote to the inhabitants of my world asking them to send me stories of their daily lives. Many of them wrote back and, after many months of compiling the letters into chronological order, I have been able to form several short stories.

I will be releasing these letters every Monday and Friday, starting from 2 June, 2014 and would be eternally grateful if you could join me in my tavern on release day to celebrate the start of the first of these stories.

Speak soon, dear friend.


Far Far Away.

Tales from Far Far Away is a parody of popular fairy tales written from the perspective of the main characters and taking the form of many letters all written in some truly dreadful handwriting. Your fond childhood memories of popular folklore will be erased when you enter a world of poisoned apples, hapless heroes and drunken horses, with the occasional nod towards pop culture. The first letter is due for release on 2 June, 2014 and a new letter will be released every Monday and Friday thereafter.

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