Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for... White Goodman

W is for... White Goodman
Actor: Ben Stiller
Films: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004)

The Character
White Goodman should be an inspiration to us all. Once upon a time he was overweight and grotesque, and he turned his life around to become one of the fittest guys around - albeit still grotesque. He is also a keen businessman having built his empire of gyms up from nothing and with a life like that it proves he isn't an Average Joe.

Problem is, he's a little bigoted and sees himself as a bit of a ladies man. He could be, save for the fact that he would be embarrassed on a first date as his head wouldn't fit through a door - especially not with all that hair. He is also a little too hell bent on vengeance to be worthy of a second date.

The Actor
Ben Stiller began his acting career on the television and broke into the limelight with four episodes on Saturday Night Live after the producers liked his own parody work. After a brief foray into short films, Stiller was given his own show on MTV.

After this success, Stiller hit the big time in the 1990's with films such as The Cable Guy and Reality Bites, where he both directed and acted in the films. After a few more successful films in Zoolander and Meet The Parents, Stiller entered his purple patch in 2004 with Meet The Fockers, Anchorman (cameo), Dodgeball, Envy, Starsky & Hutch and Along Came Polly.

As well as directing and acting, he has also done voice work when he starred as Alex in the Madagascar franchise.

Classic Scene


  1. This was definitely one of Ben Stiller's LAST good characters. HIs movies since have been pretty poor. I just hope that we get more from Zoolander 2 than we have recently as I love the first movie.

  2. Ben Stiller is simply awesome. One of my favorites ... especially his role in Meet the Fockers.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  3. Couldn't get into that movie, but your review of it makes me want to give it another look. lol. Writer’s Mark