Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for... Uncle Albert

* OK, he's not a film character. I could have done Uncle Fester, but I've already written about Christoper Lloyd, so ner.

U is for... Uncle Albert
Films Sitcom: Only Fools and Horses (1985 - 1999)
Actor: Buster Merryfield

The Character
You may have heard that Uncle Albert Gladstone Trotter did many things durin' the war. Actually, in his defence, he was a decorated war veteran who performed many brave antics and single handedly sunk many ships... even if they were on his own side.

His clearly successful past earned him the right to a peaceful life with his thoughtful nephews who are always there to look out for him. They even had the heart to take him in when their granddad sadly passed away.

The Actor
Buster Merryfield didn't get on the acting scene until the 1980's, where he took a few roles on stage and small roles in television in his retirement. It wasn't until he was offered the part of Uncle Albert, to take the place of Granddad following the sudden death of Lennard Pearce.

He played the part of Uncle Albert until 1996, trademarking the catchphrase "During the war...". After the sitcom ended, he returned to the stage before he died in 1999.

Classic Scene

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