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T is for... The Tramp

T is for... The Tramp
Films: Modern Times (1936), City Lights (1931), The Circus (1928), The Gold Rush (1925), Nice and Friendly (1922), The Kid (1921), A Dog's Life (1918), Easy Street (1917), Shanghaied (1915/I), The Tramp (1915), Recreation (1914), The Star Boarder (1914/II), Kid Auto Races at Venice (1914)
Actor: Charlie Chaplin

The Character
Despite being a homeless fellow, The Tramp aspires for something far greater. He often finds himself in bizarre situations that mean he could enhance his social status, but regularly screws it up to end up where he was before.

He only appears to have one set of clothes - in a similar vein to a cartoon character. His trademark bowler hat and baggy trousers with jacket and tie do everything to exemplify each social class.

Despite not being very wealthy, The Tramp is well travelled, having even visited as far North as Klondike, Canada in his hunt for gold and love. Again, he finds himself in perilous situations and, having had it all, only goes and loses it again.

The Actor
Charlie Chaplin is the star of silent comedy. In fact, because he - and his Tramp character - became so synonymous with 1920's and 30's film-making, he became a victim of his own success. At the dawn of the 'talkies', Chaplin failed to adjust his mannerisms to take in the marvellous invention of sound.

Despite his failure to adapt to modern film and the controversies that surrounded him in the 1940's onwards, Chaplin will always be remembered for giving the world its first true taste of comedy, from one of the world's first superstars.

Classic Scene

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