Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for... Rufus T. Firefly

R is for... Rufus T Firefly
Actor: Groucho Marx
Film: Duck Soup

The Character
Rufus T. Firefly is the dictator of the bankrupt State of Freedonia, but fortunately he has the confidence and financial backing of the wealthy Mrs. Teasdale.

As his country is undergoing a political siege from nearby Sylvania it is not clear whether Firefly is aware of the terror that faces him. In fact, it is not clear whether Firefly knows anything about anything.

The Actor
Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx was one third of the Marx Brothers, along with his siblings Chico and Harpo. There were two other brothers too, Zeppo (who appeared in Duck Soup) and Gummo.

Despite only appearing in only half of his films without his brothers, Groucho is often considered the most enigmatic of the group with his snappy one-liners and witty innuendos. Due to the way comedy has evolved it makes him very difficult to understand to the modern audience, but it is still very intelligent none-the-less.

His legacy does live on though in his comedy moustache, glasses and nose which are seen as classic props in any gag.

Classic Scene

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  1. Just stopping by via the A to Z Challenge. I have not yet watched the film Duck Soup but after reading your post, I may look for it.