Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for... Oscar

O is for... Oscar
Actor: Will Smith
Films: Shark Tale (2004)

The Character
Oscar is a fish. In truth I don't know much about Oscar, only that he is in a cartoon called Shark Tale - and cartoons tend to be funny. I just needed an 'O' and I wanted to talk about Will Smith. The rest of this section is practically lifted from Wikipedia.

For a fish, Oscar has high aspirations. Despite having no need for currency he dreams of being rich and famous. He would probably have been eaten long ago if he didn't have the good fortune to come across the only vegetarian shark that I have heard of outside Finding Nemo. Also, I have no idea why a car wash would be in the sea. The idea appears moronic.

The Actor
If Will Smith had his own Tomatometer he would be 'Certified Fresh'. It wasn't always that way though - in 1990, Will Smith was almost bankrupt and it was only when NBC built the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air around him that he began an acting career that is still flourishing today.

While Smith became known for his action qualities in Independence Day and Enemy of the State, he has never forgotten his root with the proof in the fact that a comedy was never far away in films such as Men in Black and Wild Wild West.

Two sequels to Men in Black followed but he has also tried his hand in romantic comedy with Hitch, thriller with I Am Legend and voice work with Shark Tale. He truly is one of the most versatile actors around.

Classic Scene

*may or may not be from Shark Tale


  1. Will Smith has his fans, I'm not a hge lover of him to be honest. He has been in some decent movies, but I dont think it is him that has made them good. After Earth looks terrible and the blatant inclusion of his own son in the movie is narcassistic beyond belief!

    1. Well, he did play a character called Will Smith in the Fresh Prince... so, yeah.