Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for... Kevin Patterson

K is for... Kevin Patterson
Actor: Harry Enfield
Films: Kevin & Perry Go Large

The Character
Kevin Patterson, or Kevin The Teenager to his friends, is a ginger prat. While he is happy to tell you his parents hate him and that he'd never been born, his poor despairing mother has to put up with his mood swings and general teenage behaviour.

All being said, his parents did take him on holiday - once - to Ibiza. Kevin proceeded to embarrass himself with his best friend Perry (who looks like the suspiciously feminine Cathy Burke) as they both attempted to lose their virginity while being influenced by a drug-addled DJ called Eyeball Paul.

I just hope that he fulfills his dream of "doing it", before he reaches his twenties.

The Actor
Harry Enfield's career has been built around sketches for television. During his early days he would create characters for the UK Channel 4 with his comedy partner Paul Whitehouse.

In the early 1990's Enfield and Whitehouse teamed up with Kathy Burke to star in Harry Enfield & Chums which featured sketches on modern British culture including The Scousers, Wayne and Waynetta Slob and Kevin The Teenager. The latter of these was turned into a big screen production.

He later turned his eye to directing and writing, but is now back performing sketches on British television with Whitehouse in Harry and Paul.

Classic Scene


  1. Never watched the movie, but liked the character when he was in the Harry Enfield show on TV. I dont really like it when a character gets bumped up to the big screen such as Mr Bean or in this case.

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