Sunday, June 26, 2011

Challenge Rules

Just a quick update to say that I'm still religiously following the rules which are  laid out on the "What Is It?" page.

Each film must be reviewed after it has been watched. Some days I owe movie reviews (e.g. I have seen Carrie but not reviewed it yet!) but each film has been reviewed once it is watched.

The list will be watched in alphabetical order. Perhaps the most stupid rule I have ever set up in my life. Nowadays I find myself not watching good films on the television because "they are on the list" and I will watch them within a couple of years. I am often told I could keep the review as a draft, but that would be cheating, right?

Each film will be bought as a DVD. OK, I lied - this is the most stupid rule I have ever set up. You would not believe how difficult it has been to source some films. Recently I have been looking abroad at the USA because some films aren't available in the UK. I also have one film from Spain (Black Robe - El Manto Negro) which was because the UK doesn't seem to have it. A word of advice to anyone setting themselves this rule - don't.

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