Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Shameless Blog Plugging!

Since my previous post on February 16th (when I was a meagre 9 films into the challenge), there have been a few more people who have offered their support in the Empire 500 5-star challenge - whether it be words of encouragement or feedback on my reviews. Here's a small shout-out to those guys!

5plit Reel - View Website
Currently undertaking the 30-day film challenge, 5plit reel offers "movie reviews, lists and trailers of great and exciting films". She is based in Scotland and Finland and is a keen movie watcher and reviewer. I often use this blog to help me with some of my reviews as well as when I look for something that looks good in the cinema.

IMDb Top 250 Challenge - View Website
A recent addition to my Recommended Reads, this guy commented on my posts letting me know he was undertaking a challenge to watch the Top 250 on Internet Movie Database. He has fixed the list at the middle of this month and will start soon. Please support him too!

The Rainy Day Reviews - View Website
OK, so this is my girlfriend's blog and she basically copied my idea for starting to review things. She undertook a vow to review every book she reads - which is a good thing because hopefully that'll slow down her relentless reading and pay me a bit more attention. That said, her website does look pretty impressive so give it a view too! If you can increase her page views then she'll be happy with me too.

The Review List - View Website
If you were looking for a blog that basically reviewed everything from movies and books to prawn layered salad and Lady GaGa, then you ought to visit this blog.

Crucial Cinema - View Website
Another website in its youngest stage that give its appreciation to world cinema.

Thanks for visiting!

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