Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Month 4 - May 2011

Another dollar, another day. Well, another month, another lot of DVD's watched at least.

Actually, May was an eventful month on the blog front. Firstly I managed to completely screw it up. I figured it would be a good idea to move things around, but instead managed to remove the full list of films. Following this, the whole lot changed. Now it's a nice pretty white blog with a film reel in the background rather than that odd shade of grey.

20 films from the challenge have been watched - along with a "few others along the way". The month began very quickly, but tailed off towards the end as other commitments ended up distracting me. Aeon Flux became my second ever 1-star review, but despite this the films have been rather good. The Bourne Trilogy was always going to be a highlight but I also loved Blood Simple. Hopefully I can get on with watching more films because the piles of unwatched DVDs is becoming very cumbersome and soon I won't be able to get into bed.

After an influx of page views and followers, May continues the upward trend. A few more followers sparked me into adding a second shameless blog plugging post, which links to a whole host of blogs that you ought to read! Honestly, I don't know where you all come from but thanks for stopping by! I do try to get around to replying to your comments but feel free to complain if I forget!

Anyway, until next month!

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