Saturday, April 30, 2011

Month 3 - April 2011

Another month down and I now think I'll be finishing the 500 challenge by May/June 2013 if I carry on at the pace that I've set at the moment.

Once the challenge is complete, I was wondering what on earth to do afterwards. I could go out and get a life, enjoy the British sunshine (err...) or perhaps take another movie challenge! Obviously the latter sounded much more appealing so why not try another Empire challenge - their 500 greatest movies. As a result, I've added that as another page on the top - or you could access it by just clicking here. The movies that are being watched and reviewed in Meanwhile... and The Complete 500 are automatically being added onto it, so it is easy to follow the progress of that at the same time.

As for the current challenge, I've finished the first 50 (hurray!) and I'm already well stuck into the second 50. Currently it looks like an end date of around May 2013 assuming I keep on at the pace I'm going. So, another two years yet. Wow.

A quick thanks should go to you guys (again) as April's viewing figures trundled past March's on the 25th meaning that this month has been the best one yet. The viewing figures keep inspiring me on... so thanks!

Until next month....

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