Thursday, March 03, 2011

Social Connections

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In a little over a month, Empire500 has had its 1,000th visitor - with these visitors originating from 16 different countries. I'm not going to boast, but I'm pretty impressed with the response from the online community... so thanks!

The success of my blog has come partly because of my commitment to the challenge - and the resulting reviews that come from watching those films. It has also had a lot to do with the ability to spread news quickly online from the social buttons at the bottom of each blog.

In order to continue this trend, I have added social buttons at the top of this page so that you can tweet, like and share this page to your friends. If you're already logged in to your social networking account it's simple - a maximum of two clicks and soon your friends will be watching good movies too ;-).

Anyway, thanks again for visiting! (You guys are the best)

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