Thursday, March 31, 2011

Month 2 - March 2011

Wow, here marks the end of another hectic month in the world of movie reviews.

It's been a busy one of the blog front, serving over 2,000 page views (over half of which have been in this month alone) to 32 different countries. This month I decided to review other films I've been to see as well, which is filed in the Meanwhile section, and I've vastly improved the Statistics page to give out live stats about the challenge. I've also found a design which I'm pretty much happy with so I'm hoping that I won't have to tinker too much with the Blogger modules over the coming months!

I've seen 18 films this month - which is the busiest so far - and that doesn't include the extra ones from the Meanwhile page yet either! As I'm slowly getting into watching a ridiculous number of films, I'm starting to realise how difficult it must be to be a full-time movie magazine writer. Kudos to the guys at Empire for all their hard work in compiling the list!

On the subject of thanks, a special mention should probably go to Matthew Hunt whose blog has been filtering through hits to me like there is no tomorrow. It seems that those looking for the list of Empire's 5-star Movies head there first and onto mine. So... thanks! Keep up the good work.

Also a quick thought about the previous month... if you haven't seen Amélie, please do. It's the best movie so far. By a country mile.

Anyway, more films to watch now. Over and out!

PS, for those of you who have made it this far, please visit this page for an alternative way to view this blog. I thought it was awesome anyway.

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