Friday, March 18, 2011

Marathon Man

I have been watching Chris Moyles and Dave Vitty beat the current world record for continuous music radio broadcasting (team) on Radio 1. At half past 10 this morning they finally left the air after 52 hours... an absolutely epic achievement. In the process they also raised nearly two and a half MILLION pounds for comic relief. Wow.

Anyway, this got me wondering what it would be like to undertake such a challenge, and, with these 500 films to watch, maybe some of them could be watched as part of a marathon. I'm not just talking about watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy (although this in itself would be a challenge in itself), but more about possibly making a bid for the world record.

Currently, it stands at 123 hours and was set in 2008. That's FIVE full days... plus 3 more hours. That's like watching approximately 60 films back to back. Full concentration has to be applied - eyes must not leave the screen for more than 10 seconds at a time, but after each film a ten minute break is allowed to eat, drink, power nap, shower etc. In my case - probably desperately scribbling down notes for a review before a five minute nap. Ouch!

Now I've only watched 26 at the minute, and at times, I really wish I hadn't (Alexander Nevsky, The Age Of Innocence). That said, there have been absolute gems of films that Empire has introduced me to (All About My Mother, Amelie). Either way, in a marathon of 60 movies this would be something to contend with. If I don't make the full 60, it isn't so much of a problem, at least I'll feel like I've given it a damn good go!

Of course, if I decided to undertake the challenge I would also ask you, the readers, to donate a bit of money to charity. That way, I can achieve something myself while raising a bit of cash for a worthy cause. At the minute I'm not sure who this could be yet, but feel free to make suggestions on this post!

I would be looking at undertaking this probably around this time next year - possibly over Easter to avoid too much time off work! If anyone fancies joining me in this mission, please comment on this post so that we can try and organise something as a team.

To keep up to date with the progress of the marathon preparations, please follow the "Marathon" link on the right-hand-side!

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