Wednesday, March 09, 2011


It's amazing what can happen if you tidy up.

For regular visitors of the blog, you can now search directly for a movie review using the 'Google Search' bar on the right-hand-side - under the blog list. Having tested this myself, it's a pretty neat little gadget that comes bundled with Blogger, so if you're thinking of using it on your own blog, I would highly recommend it.

I noticed in the blog stats provided by Blogger that this blog is attracting a high number of foreign users - including those from non-English speaking lands. To accommodate for this, I have added a Google Translate widget in the right-hand-column which will make reading the blog much easier. As a token of appreciation to all visitors, I have added flags to the bottom of the blog from all visiting nations.

The list of other pages on the blog has moved to the top of the page. Up there it takes up much less room as well as - dare I say - add a bit more style to the page! For first time viewers there is now a What Is It? page which details exactly what I'm trying to achieve by undertaking this challenge - along with detailing the challenge itself. Hidden away, accessible from The Complete 500 page, there is also a larger version of the mini slideshow from the right-hand-side (courtesy of Google Picasa) .

While the banner itself hasn't changed - not since the previous banner request - most of the text has now been removed from underneath it. As a netbook user myself, it became very annoying to have to scroll down immediately I wanted to read anything, so much of that has now disappeared and been replaced with a slightly bigger version of the previous countdown.

All the old favourites are still there -  recommended blogs, my favourite followers, social connections and the page view count. Same blog, different look.

Oh, and Amores Perros tonight... let's hope it's a goodun'!

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