Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shameless Blog Plugging

Since starting the challenge I have found a few other people that are keeping blogs along similar lines (movie lists and movie challenges) so below are a few that should start you off if you're interested!

Matthew Hunt writes a blog about movies. On his blog there are a lot of lists of movies from the classic "Greatest Movies" lists to more specialised lists about the best films of specific genres. Once I've completed the first 500 films, I will look to this blog for inspiration about where to take my movie watching next (no pressure!).

Championship Celluloid has previously undertaken the Empire 500 (2008) challenge, and he completed it in a single year. While I have a massive disadvantage in that he manages a film theatre and therefore can watch films whenever... I will be looking to this blog for the willpower to continue when certain films appear to be rubbish (Alexander Nevsky, I'm looking at you).

My Brother's Blog is tracking the same films I'm watching, simply because we're undertaking the challenge together (of course, it was my idea as I'm the big brother...). His reviews will tend to be much more critical than mine, but it should help to offer opinions other than my own on the films in this challenge.

The list of inspirational blogs will continue to grow, but rather than blog about them continuously please see the list that has appeared in the right-hand toolbar.

Challenge Update:
9 films down - The Alien double will be watched back-to-back over the weekend!

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  1. Thanks! After the 500, I'd recommend Rashomon (1950) and Breathless (1960), both inexplicably missing from the list.