Sunday, February 27, 2011

Month 1: February 2011

Seeing as I won't be having time for any more films this month (today is Carling Cup final day of course, and I will - presumably - need at least one day to recover from Arsenal's first silverware in six years), this post will go up a little early. Technically, I did start the challenge on 29th January but I'm writing this on 27th February so that counts? Right? Right?

So far it has been a pretty interesting challenge. There have already been some high moments (All About My Mother) and some low moments (Alexander Nevsky) but overall I am quite enjoying myself.

Obviously quite a lot of my life over the past month has been watching DVDs - in the past week alone I have watched the Alien double along with four more additional films - effectively one on every evening.

I am starting to find more and more that my life is starting to be planned around the films ("if we go to the gym earlier, I could watch a film later in the evening" or "I can last two more hours without dinner"). That said, my other commitments (work, gym, girlfriend, sleep) don't seem to be suffering as a result (of course, had my girlfriend had the unfortunate task of watching Alexander Nevsky with me, this could be a whole new story).

So, anyway, at the rate I'm going I should have the challenge finished within 3 years (hopefully earlier!) so there will be a lot more of me yabbering on this blog yet.



Update 28/02:
Arsenal did not win the Carling Cup final, but I still need one day to recover from the shock of losing ;-)

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