Friday, January 28, 2011

One Final Rule

Before I settle down and watch A.I. Artificial Intelligence tonight, I thought I'd better clear up one final rule that I've set myself;

Every film must be watched in order to accomplish the challenge - including those which I have seen previously.

This rule is probably the most important - whilst I'm trying to keep a clear, objective mind, I know in my head which films in the 500 I really enjoyed and which ones I didn't like so much. By watching them again I will be able to compare them with other films that Empire believe are equally as good!

Oooh! Just a quick thanks (in advance) to my family, friends and girlfriend who have been leafing through and deciding which films they want to watch with me. My brother has even gone so far as to join me on the blogging route which is at (if you look closely, you may notice some elements of inspiration from my blog). He's also started a small buying spree to save my poor wallet from the brunt of buying 500 DVDs.

Finally, thanks to you guys for passing through! Without you reading it would be pointless me even writing! Please follow, tweet and 'like' the blog to show your support  :-)

Until later...

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